Our oil

At Fábrica de Aceites Morales, S.A., we harvest the olives at their optimum ripening point.
Our experts separate the fruit that is on the tree from the one that has fallen to the ground to achieve the best quality.
The oil is extracted on the same day of its collection by means of 1st cold extraction.
Our goal is that you can enjoy the purest and most natural oil.

The flavour of the authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, without a doubt, the flavor of the Oil of the “Museo” and “Aceites Morales” brands.

Conservation and qualities of the oil

To keep our oil in the best conditions we recommend:

Keep the oil away from excessive heat and light.
Store it in closed containers.
Avoid places with a strong odor as it easily absorbs other odours.
Use glass, waterproofed brass, PET or stainless steel containers.
The optimum storage temperature is 20ºC.
Consume preferably before one year from the date of packaging.

Do not refill or mix new oils on top of other oil residues and clean the container beforehand, as all the oil becomes “rancid”.

Why consume extra virgin olive oil

Lowers cholesterol level, decreases heart attacks and arterial thrombosis.
It has an effective protective action against ulcers and gastritis.
Regulates intestinal transit and facilitates digestion.
Reduces gastric acidity.
Promotes normal bone growth and improves bone mineralization.
Prevents the harmful effects of age on brain functions.
Prevents the aging of tissues and all organs in general.
It is especially recommended for cooking due to its high content of monounsaturated fats.
It is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
Extra virgin olive oil does not alter the characteristics of the products and enhances the flavor of food.

Our products


Tribuna represents a great leap in quality for the Morales brand. It’s about a
oil obtained with the best selection of olive varieties, at the point
optimum maturation. It stands out for its moderate aromatic intensity to notes
fruit and vegetables (green leaves, grass and tomato) and hints of liquorice and

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


The Great Selection Museum Oil stands out for its aromatic intensity with fruit and vegetable notes (green leaves, grass and tomato) and touches of banana and almond. In the mouth its fruity aromas stand out, appreciating a light and fine bitterness in tune with the slight final itching. It is a very balanced oil.

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


It is our purest and most traditional recipe, with which we have been working
since 1984. Museo stands out for its pleasant taste and a
moderate intensity for the most demanding palates.
It is our most versatile product and although we recommend consuming it raw,
It can also be used in baking, cooking and frying.

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

morales 5lt

In our 5LT Morales container, you can find our purest and most traditional recipe with
which we have been working since 1984. Morales stands out for its pleasant taste
and a moderate intensity for the most demanding palates.

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil