Organoleptic Characteristics of our EVOO:

The most common olive varieties in our area are the Picual, hojiblanca, picuda, pike and arbequina…

The geographical area in which these olive trees grow, the weather, the proportions that we use in our “Selection” brands and the years of experience of Fábrica de Aceites Morales, mean that we achieve unique EVOOs in terms of flavor, smell and, ultimately, quality. .

Would you like to know what organoleptic characteristics that the different varieties of olives provide us?


The flavor of this extra virgin olive oil is fresh with harmony, the sweet base is its main characteristic where the spicy and bitter properties are tempered and balanced. Its aftertaste is long that brings freshness to the palate. The intense fruity aroma is of green olive with tomato tones, alloza, apple, banana and freshly cut grass.


Its aroma on the nose is intense of green olive fruit with hints of acorn, herbaceous, apple and banana peel. The taste of this type of variety of extra virgin olive oil in the mouth is sweet, with spicy nuances, the bitter property being light, accompanied by a very fresh aftertaste.


Fruity oil of intense green color, from centenary and native olive trees of the West of Granada. This EVOO has an exotic flavor with bitter herbaceous tones, licorice and red fruits. A contrast of flavors that make Lucio a harmonious, balanced and sweet oil.


It is characterized for being an olive juice with triumphant organoleptic properties in tasting panels. Thus, the picudo oils offer a fruity flavor with a certain taste of almond. The olive oil resulting from the pointed olives are sweet and delicate oils, fresh and pleasant on the palate.


The aroma of this type of extra virgin olive oil on the nose is intensely fruity of green olives with nuances of apple, green almond and banana. Its flavor is characterized by sweetness and light spiciness.

As you already know, Aliño is our coupage of Picual and Picudo. It is our early green EVOO with a more intense flavor and aromas of fruit and vegetable notes… It is an ideal oil for dressings, bread seasoning and other raw consumption.

Tribuna is an oil obtained with the best selection of the Picual and Hojiblanca varieties, also collected at the beginning of the campaign. It stands out for its moderate aromatic intensity with fruit and vegetable notes (green leaves, grass and tomato) and almond. As for the flavor, a light and fine bitterness stands out in tune with the slight final itching. It is a very balanced oil.

Museo is our purest and most traditional recipe packaged in a small 0.50cl format. Museo stands out for its pleasant flavor to the taste and a moderate intensity. It is our most versatile product, and although we recommend consuming it raw, it can also be used in baking, cooking and frying. Its rich and characteristic flavor is achieved thanks to the mixture of the different varieties of olives predominant in our area.

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