Olive Oil Fraud

The drought and the increase in production costs are leading the sector towards a rise in prices… https://www.instagram.com/p/CsRvnNzoskl/

If we contextualize these high prices in the current moment of economic crisis, we have the perfect cocktail in which unscrupulous businessmen abuse the consumer and start to market blended oil as “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

The big problem that our consumers have is the lack of information and knowledge when assessing what is a good olive oil from what is not.

If our consumers knew the different categories of olive oils, their properties and characteristics, it would be very difficult for this type of fraud to occur.

In this sense, from Fábrica De Aceites Morales we will do our bit to inform you and that you learn to distinguish the different types of oil.

But, what does the Olive Oil fraud consist of?

In some samples of the recalled products in Extremadura and Andalusia, a mixture of olive oil with other oils such as rapeseed oil or olive pomace oil was found. These oils, even though they are of lower quality, are safe and can even be good alternatives when the price factor is a problem. The point is that in no case was it indicated on the carafes that it was a mixture, but that they were deliberately selling us as extra virgin olive oil, which was actually a mixture with lower quality oils.

In other samples, the extra virgin olive oil had been directly replaced by lampante oil, unfit for human consumption.

What is Lampante Oil?

Lamp oil is so called because it is a type of oil that was used as fuel for lamps. It is a defective oil whose commercialization is prohibited.

The “defect” can occur because it is made from olives that have been collected from the ground or are overripe, but also due to errors that occur in the production process, for example with machines.

The result is that we are faced with an oil that exceeds 2º of acidity that an olive oil can present at most (in the case of EVOO the maximum is 0.8º). An oil that we could detect when tasting it because its taste is metallic, rancid and/or vinegary. This oil is not considered suitable for consumption since it is necessary to refine it.

In summary, let’s learn to distinguish and value a good oil, not be guided by cheap prices and always resort to quality and a safe bet