Ecological Practices in the Olive Grove

Ecological awareness is increasing in our olive grove… Every day more farmers in our area are developing some type of ecological practice…

The most widespread to date are:

– Vegetative cover management.

– Waste composting.

– Chopped pruning waste.

– Management of pests and diseases without the use of chemicals.

– Use of renewable energies…

The percentage of our farmers who carry out one or more eco-sustainable practices in our area is estimated to be between 35-40%.

But what is the organic olive grove?

The organic olive grove system practices total conservation of soil and biological resources without the use of chemicals.

Environmentally it is the most acceptable system. In Spain, the cultivation of organic olive groves began in the mid-80s.

The main objective of Olive Cultivation is the production of a large quantity of olives, of the highest possible quality and all without environmental impact.

Part of the success of collecting quality Olives is found in the work in the field: the selection of seedlings, the planting and cultivation techniques and the actions on the olive grove throughout the annual olive growing cycle.

Currently, attention is paid to the design of the plantations, the care of soil erosion and the maintenance of soil humidity and the provision of fertilizers and phytosanitary products to the Olive Tree.